Ruth & Kent Coules



Dear Paul: 

I believe you corresponded with my husband Kent earlier today.  You've captured our imagination and we think we have some information and maybe connections to add to the US family tree.

Charles Coules (from Brighton England in our records) married to Margaret Witzel.  We think this must be the same Charles as Jim has on his family tree but Kent's Great Grandfather did not have a son named James.   His children were:

 -Victor married to Mary (don't know the last name).   He was an artist.  He had at least 3 children but we don't know their names.

-Edith married 3 times!!! First husband was Elmo Lincoln (the first Tarzan), 2nd husband was a movie director & producer whose name we don't know.  Third husband was Barney (trying to find his last name).  No children.

-Charles (don't know anything about him)

-Paul married to Ruth Helms.  He had three sons:

    - Robert married to Susan with one son Chuck.  Chuck has three daughters; later   married to Muriel

    - Albert

    - Richard (8/30/1926 to 1990) married to Doreen Lange (sitting here next to me and providing all this info)  He had two sons:

        - Scott Paul Coules (2/2/57 to ?)  married to Verna Harris.  He has two daughters: Apryl Michelle (1980) and Nichole Marie (1983)

        - Kent Lange Coules (4/8/60) married to Ruth McClain (me).  We have three daughters: Savannah Richelle Momi (1991)  Alexa Kanoe (1993) and Ryann Noelani (1999)  Yes they have Hawaiian blood.

 We can look up more dates if you like.  Doreen also has several family photos. 

Paul we are wondering if you think "our Charles" is the same I found in the Margate portion of the British family tree (which you say includes Brighton).  On there he was born in 1861 which seems like the right timing.

This has been lots of fun.  Thanks for writing.  We'd love to hear from you or any other Coules'!

Ruth Coules (and Doreen & Savannah)